A Venue for Exploration of Arts – NTU’s University Players Theatre Inaugurated

Date: 2022/12/22


NTU’s University Players Theatre Inaugurated.

NTU’s University Players Theatre will be open in 2023.

President Kuan (middle) and senior administrators unveiling the plaque.

Group photo of all the attendees at the ceremony.

The fantastic light show at University Players Theatre.

Newly established in 2022, NTU’s University Players Theatre will officially be open next year. The plaque unveiling ceremony was held on December 26. With the brand-new interior design and comprehensive equipment, the Theatre will not only bring new vitality to the campus, but also enrich the campus life of students and faculty members.

Located at B1 of Lixian Hall, University Players Theatre held an inauguration ceremony with President Chung-Ming Kuan, Executive Vice Presidents Ching-Hua Luo, Ming-Syan Chen, Chiapei Chou, Director of the NTU Center for the Arts Ho-Yi Lin unveiling the plaque and announcing the inauguration of the new theater. A spectacular light show was performed, combined with a video of previous performances at the NTU Theatre of Lu-Ming Hall and the University Song rearranged in 2013 by Sheng-Xiang & Band. The light show was designed and created by faculty members Cheng-Wei Teng and Cheng-Yuan Wang from the Department of Drama and Theatre, linking the history and the future of the NTU theaters.

President Kuan expected this new theater to not only become the major venue for arts and cultural activities on campus, but also a stronghold that cannot be ignored. During the process of interior design, the flexibility of space, lighting, and sound circuits were well considered to cater to the needs of different types of performances. The auditorium can accommodate about 300 people, and the movable seats can be adjusted for different viewing angles.

In the future, University Players Theatre will not only cooperate with the Department of Drama and Theatre to meet the teaching needs on campus, but also serve as a venue welcoming excellent performing arts groups outside the campus. The NTU Center for the Arts, responsible for the operation and management of University Players Theatre, hopes that the Theater will become a cultural hub connecting the NTU campus and the world of performing arts and enriching the campus life of all the NTU community members.

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