Congratulations! Academician Pao-Kuan Wang Wins Nikolai Dotzek Award

Date: 2023/3/16

Image1:Congratulations! Academician Pao-Kuan Wang Wins Nikolai Dotzek Award.

Congratulations! Academician Pao-Kuan Wang Wins Nikolai Dotzek Award.

Dr. Pao-Kuan Wang (王寶貫), Academician of Academia Sinica and Distinguished Chair Professor for Research of NTU’s Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, recently won the Nikolai Dotzek Award presented by the European Severe Storm Laboratory (ESSL). This award is the highest international honor bestowed on scholars of severe storm research. Dr. Wang has dedicated himself to atmospheric science and thunderstorm physics research. His groundbreaking research results have been published in many academic papers.

ESSL is not a physical laboratory, but a European multinational research and development organization. It aims to contribute to the preparedness of European society for the impacts of severe storms by advancing scientific understanding, building human capacity, and fostering cooperation within Europe in this field. At present, 23 meteorological science and technology groups from 17 countries are members of ESSL. Academician Wang’s research in recent years has focused on the thermal and dynamic mechanisms at the top of severe storms. He proposed the “Gravity Wave Breaking Theory,” which was successfully verified using visible and infrared images from meteorological satellites, making important contributions to weather forecasting and climate simulation.

Visit the official website of ESSL: https://www.essl.org/cms/nikolai-dotzek-award-2023-to-pao-wang-martin-setvak-and-kris-bedka/

Visit the profile of Dr. Hu: https://rcec.sinica.edu.tw/index_en.php?action=member&id=5

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