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Discussions on the University Emblem first began during the tenure of President Chen-Hsing Yen around the 1970s. After a series of meeting and discussions, the University emblem was finally selected and officially announced by President Chao-Chung Yu at the University Anniversary on November 15, 1982. As an embodiment of the University name, motto, tree, as well as the representative Fu Bell, the University emblem is of profound significance to all at NTU.

When President Yu officially announced the emblem during the University's anniversary celebration, he made the following pronouncement:

The National Taiwan University has long been known for its tradition, distinguished faculty, and well-equipped facilities. Over the years its graduates have made tremendous contributions to both the nation and to society. In order to enhance this valuable tradition and provide guidance to future generations, we have instilled the founding goals and philosophy of the school into the university emblem as an inspiration to all faculty and students.
- The University Motto:
- Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion - the cornerstone of NTU philosophy and the standard of personal cultivation
- The Fu Bell:
- A reminder of personal discipline and unending enlightenment
- The University Tree:
A symbol of continuous growth, exceptional vision and unwavering willpower
The figure of the plum blossom, the blue-and-white background and the thunder-and-cloudline pattern combine the spiritual ideals of the nation and its cultural traditions, as well as those of all members of the university community.

Worth noting are the leaf sprouts on the royal palm symbolizing the school's unceasing vitality. This detail was suggested by the task force after attentive observation.

A patent application on the exclusive right to use the emblem was submitted to the Bureau of Central Standards in November 1982 and granted registration (No. 9007). A renewed certificate (No. 000927190) was later granted in 1997.

The University emblem is one of the many trademarks of National Taiwan University. Please refer to the Regulations for the Management of NTU Trademarks (Chinese website) for more information. To apply for usage, please refer to the NTU Trademark website.

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