News & Features

Date Title
2021/12/30 Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan on International Collaboration in the Age of the Pandemic
2021/12/30 NTU 93rd Anniversary Celebration
2021/12/30 NTU Signs Memorandum of Intent to Cooperate with Indiana University in Furthering Mandarin Teaching and Inter-University Cooperation
2021/12/30 NTU Contributes to Global Higher Education Through Digital Collaboration
2021/12/30 New Sparks in BioTech: T4GIP Participates in 2021 BIO Asia-Taiwan
2021/12/30 NTU RDCMD Hosts 2021 WACBE Taiwan Chapter
2021/12/30 Beyond 2nm Technology Nodes: The Tallest Transistor in the World
2021/12/30 NTU OLED Research Team Deciphers the Role of Host–Guest Interactions in Organic Emitters Using MR-TADF
2021/12/30 Bluefin Tuna Reveals Global Ocean Pollution and Cycling of Mercury
2021/12/30 NTU Awarded for Inventing Solid-State Na–CO2
2021/12/30 NTU CBE Advances National Goals
2021/12/30 CBA’s Double Degree Program Reaps Success
2021/12/30 Journeying into Nature in the Classroom: Presentation of the Forest Adventure Virtual Reality Project
2021/12/30 Responsibilities of Social Media Platforms: NTU Graduate Institute of Journalism Brings Different Players to the Table
2021/12/30 Keep it Flowing: NTU and Taipei City Government Restore Campus Canals
2021/12/30 Twenty Years of Staying the Course—NTU Swimming Team
2021/12/30 NTU Alumni Keep the Lights Blinking
2021/8/31 University Librarian Kuang-hua Chen: Serving Readers in Taiwan and Around the World
2021/8/31 NTU’s First Virtual Commencement Ceremony
2021/8/31 NTU Joins with Elite Universities Across the Globe to Discuss International Higher Education
2021/8/31 Food and Culture: 2021 KHU-NTU SDGs Program
2021/8/31 NTU CFRC Hosts the 6th CIFA Regional Symposium
2021/8/31 NTU GARC and Seoul NUAC Host Asian Migration Workshop
2021/8/31 NTU Researchers Take Tissue Engineering to the Next Level
2021/8/31 New Cyanobacteria Casts Light on Mystery of Early Photosynthesis
2021/8/31 What Maintains the Variation in Wild Mustard “Flavor”? NTU Study Published in Nature Ecology & Evolution
2021/8/31 NTU D-School Takes You to Town on D-Day
2021/8/31 NTU Sparks the Golden Age of Digital Transformation
2021/8/31 Trees, Alumni, Fund, and Environment Form a Green Circle
2021/8/31 NTU Girls Rugby: Advancing Fearlessly
2021/6/29 Secretary-General Gen-Shuh Wang: Behind-the-Scene Strategist
2021/6/29 2021 NTU Art Festival – Art Unboxing
2021/6/29 NTU Partners with MIT in Addressing ESG and Sustainability Issues in Dedicated Seminar
2021/6/29 Deeping the Roots of Friendship: Fulbright Tree Planting at NTU
2021/6/29 Facing COVID-19 and Beyond: NTU Leads the Fight Against the Pandemic
2021/6/29 Can Killing a Stomach Bacterium Prevent Cancer?
2021/6/29 Listening under the Sea: NTU Uses Bioacoustics to Record Fish Chorusing
2021/6/29 Breakthrough in Renal Fibrosis and Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment
2021/6/29 Grab and Smash: Building Stronger Fighter Immune Cells to Combat Cancer<
2021/6/29 NTU Probes the Forefront of Quantum Science and Technology with CQSE
2021/6/29 NTU Looks into Cultural Competence in Global Healthm
2021/6/29 Innovation, Diversity, and Internationality All-in-GIP TRIAD
2021/6/29 Love, Family, and Friends in the Time of COVID-19
2021/6/29 NTU Men’s Basketball Team Triumphs in UBA
2021/6/29 NTU Men’s Volleyball Team: Where Passion Thrives and Survives
2021/6/29 James Chih-Hsin Yang: NTU Cancer Center Strives for Best of the Best
2021/5/17 Future NTU: Pioneering the Future
2021/5/17 Reset the Mindset for the Post-COVID Era: GIS TAIWAN 2021
2021/5/17 NTU Receives an Unprecedented Number of International Applications
2021/5/17 NTU and LANL Develop a New Approach for Producing High-performance and Robust Perovskite Solar Modules
2021/5/17 NTU Contributes to the Sustainable Development of Marine Resources, Results Published in Science Advances
2021/5/17 Published in Nature Communications: Reconstructing Asymmetric Cell Division
2021/5/17 Unveiling an Alternative Regulation Mechanism of Wnt/β-catenin Activation in Advanced Prostate Cancer
2021/5/17 Human Rights, Trauma, and Transitional Justice: A College of Science Seminar
2021/5/17 NTU Pioneers the Future of Higher Education with Future Classroom
2021/5/17 Calligraphy by Japanese Sinologists: Special Exhibiion at NTU Library
2021/5/17 Bonded by Passion: NTU Women’s Basketball Team
2021/5/17  Prelude to Springtime: 2021 NTU Azalea Festival
2021/3/4 An Interview with NTU Executive Vice President Shan-Chwen Chang
2021/3/4 NTU Students Help Refugee Children Improve Their English Skills with Digital Expertise
2021/3/4 Scholarship Ceremony: A Moment for Gratitude and Kindness
2021/3/4 NTU Professor Named Editor of Separation and Purification Technology
2021/3/4 NTU Hosts its First AI Online Program
2021/3/4 NTU and KU hosts Symposium on AI & Smart Medicine
2021/3/4 NTU and KYUTECH hosts Online International Study Group
2021/3/4 Unraveling the Mystery of Genetic Diversity
2021/3/4 It was the Age of COVID-19. It was the Age of Blending Learning
2021/3/4 More Than “Highly Trained Professionals”: Department of Life Science Hosts Long-running Seminar Series
2021/3/4 NTU Men’s Softball Team Marches on, Brave and Proud
2021/3/4 Professor Wenzel's Love of Research and Hiking in Taiwan
2021/3/4 European Dream and Reluctant Integration in the 21st Century